Porky the Pig Lab



  • Describe which features are most apparent on your heart.
The Aorta and Inferior and vena cava stand out around the muscle. The coronary arteries show up quite clearly on the surface of the heart muscle.
  • A probe in either the superior or inferior vena cava penetrates the?
Right atrium
  • A probe in the pulmonary vein terminates which chamber?
Left atrium
  • A probe in the pulmonary arteries will penetrate which chamber?
right ventricle
  • The right chambers of the heart pump what kind of blood?
  • Describe the appearance of the valves.
net like, rubbery, three different flaps and thin
  • Describe the appearance of the papillary muscles.
dense stringy and tube like
  • Describe how the atrium appears and feels in your words.
thin walls, not as muscly, smooth tissue
  • Is the myocardium of the atrium thicker or thinner than the ventricle? Explain why.
thinner, because it's not pushing blood through entire body
  • Name the 2 veins that empty into the right atrium.
superior and inferior vena cava
  • What is the wall that separates the 2 ventricles called?
inter ventricular septum
  • What is the purpose of the pulmonary veins?
to bring oxygenated blood from lungs
  • What is the layer of the heart wall that covers the inside of the chambers? What does it look like?
papillary muscles, think and tubular
  • Describe the appearance and feel of the walls of the ventricles.
think and muscly dense tissue
  • How much thicker is your left ventricle from your right?
it is way thinker, pumping blood to the entire body
  • What causes a blocked artery in the heart AND what symptoms would indicate a need for bypass surgery?
plaque building in artery, heart tissue dies and pain can be felt in the left arm
  • Where doe they get the bypass vessels from in the body?
  • piece of long vein in the lower leg
  • What main vessel do they attach the bypass to?
the aorta